Why you should hire Removals Blackpool

These few steps may help you making your moving easier. If you use the following advice, you will probably avoid mistakes that would cause unnecessary trouble.


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1. Check well the moving company you are planning to book the removal with.
Furniture removal Checklist
If you decide to pack your belonging on your own, it is advisable that you read this document. There are many little details regarding each of your furniture you might not be aware of. It explain the proper way every item should be packed, wrapped, secured to make sure it will travel safely to the destination address.
Take down all the mirrors, painting and hooks.
Remove curtain, tie- back and hooks.
Remove light – fittings.
If required arrange to disconnect a gas fire.

Take down the curtains and remove the hooks.
Double check all the shelves and drawers.
Put the mattresses in bags or make arrangement to do this.
Sign all the boxes.

Remove the shower curtains, hooks, scales, mats, rails and towels.
If required arrange to disconnect the shower.
Make sure the cabinet and shelves are empty.

Check if all the drawers and units are empty.
Write on each cartons your surname and what’s inside.
Defrost the fridge and freezes and dry it well.
Ensure washing machine and dishwasher are empty.
Disconnect all the electronic items or make sure you made the arrangements for it.
Get rid of all the un-sealed liquids.
Gather all the loose items and put them in bags or boxes.
Remove any all hooks from the walls.

Pack toys, computer and clothes in large boxes. Books and any other heavy item must be packed in small boxes. It might be easier to live the kids with someone of the family on the moving day.

Check if al the fittings are removed.
Arrange to dismantle the garden shed if you are planning to take it with you.