Repair or Replace Roofing

Repair or Replace your roof?  A question that haunts Americans all year long and all across the country.  Charlotte is no different, don’t fool yourself!  We have the same question here and our company gets it all the time: “Should I repair my roof or replace it?”  Here at Alpha Omega Roofing our roofers tell you the same thing every time:  “Let us come out and see it and we’ll give you an honest assessment.”  Unfortunately that’s not what people want to hear, they want a straightforward answer right over the telephone!  Here our Roofing we are hard workers, quality workers, and provide the best roofing service around, but we are not yet magicians.

We offer free estimates and assessments so that we can better tell you if you really should repair or replace your roof.  This is a stressful situation and we know that.  We understand that.  Heck, most of us have been there ourselves even though we are roofers!  Our assessments are honest and real, no funny business!

First off, let’s talk repairing.  Repairing a roof is definitely more cost effective than repairing a roof, at least in the short run.  However, keep in mind that repairing a roof that needs replacing is like continually putting a band aid over a cut that needs stitches.  Eventually, you’re just going to have to go and get the stitches and bit the bullet.  Repairing a roof is a time consuming thing if you want to do it yourself, but it is doable in many occasions.  Feel free to ask us how difficult that job would be when we come to assess your problems.  Our roofers are qualified to handle the repairs that you can’t handle on your own.  Having our roofers who are trained and experienced handle your roofing problems can give you a peace of mind that often can’t come when you do the problem yourself.  When we fix your roof, we fix it for good.


Replacing your roof can be an expensive project.  However, our Roofing we try and make this as painless as possible.  We offer 100% financing options so that you can get your job done without spending all of your savings; if you want to anyway.  Replacing your roof can consist of heightening the pitch in your structure, using the best engineering and design techniques, and finally choosing the kind of roof you want.

Repair or replace?  A difficult question, but one Roofing makes easier on you.  Our roofers are able to tell you honestly what your best options are.  We won’t tell you to replace when all you need is a repair.  We want you to be as happy with our service as we are.