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Psychic Phone
Help or not?

Are those psychic phone people real?

Some are, some aren’t.


How do you tell the difference?

By the “Results” you see in your life. Yep. Results on in what they can figure out.

You see predicting the future and giving advice are very different skills then seeing the past or the present. Someone who is very good at reading your emotions and thoughts my not have any good advice for you.

You have to understand that there are many different types of mediums. Just like there are non-psychics with a variety of skills.

Bob maybe a weight lifter. He might be able to push 1000 pounds over his head. This does not mean he has a chance in heck of running a marathon.

It is the same thing with psychics. Just because someone is certified as a psychic does not mean that they can help you. Being certified as a psychic is kind of like being certified as an athlete. It shows that you have some kind of athletic aptitude. Just like being certified as a psychic means you have some kind of psychic aptitude.

For example.

Someone with great empathy could tell how you are feeling and thus build good connection with you. But if you need financial advice they are probably not the right one.