Medical cannabis for kids

Cannabis Tinctures
The use of Medical cannabis for kids dates back to the 1800’s. Cannabis tinctures are made through a process of mixing plant matter with alcohol or glycerine. Just like with hash and wax, the goal is to eliminate plant matter while extracting the resin glands. The end result of a tincture is a liquid form of hash that can be taken as drops or added to food or drink. Alcohol tinctures are often referred to as “Green Dragon”, made with the highest proof and clearest alcohols, and offer a heavy body buzz combined with the effects of the alcohol. Glycerine tinctures take months to properly make, and are much sweeter than the alcohol variety (making it a perfect edible for children).


Tinctures taken under the tongue are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and provide near immediate results that are similar to smoking or vaporizing. When tinctures are added to food or drink, the effects can take longer to feel as they must first be processed by the liver before making into the rest of your system.

It may take a bit of experimenting to figure out the proper dosage. You should start with only a drop or two and wait to see the effects before taking more. Tinctures that are made with high proof alcohol will evaporate if left uncovered. As that happens, the potency of each drop will increase.

BrowniesCannabis Edibles
Edibles are made by infusing butter or cooking oil with cannabis and then using that infusion into a variety of traditional recipes. They’re most often offered up in the form of high calorie treats like cookies and brownies, but there are truly an unlimited number of possibilities that don’t require adding inches to your waist.

There are many reasons why consuming your medication through food is a good idea. The first, and probably most obvious, reason is that there is no smoke with which to cause potential damage to your lungs with. This also makes it a preferable method of medicating for those patients with asthma or other respiratory ailments that make smoking unappealing or unadvised. It’s also more discreet. You can eat edibles anywhere and without drawing attention to yourself.

The second reason is about the added health benefits of swallowing medical marijuana that you don’t get from inhaling it. Because almost all edibles are exposed to some kind of heat during the cooking process, the many inactive cannabinoids found in medical marijuana (such as THC-a and CBD-a) are converted to THC, CBD and CBN that the body can absorb and process. On top of that, since edibles get into the body through the gastrointestinal tract they are processed through the liver before they enter the bloodstream. As a result, the THC is converted into the more potent 11-hydroxy-THC that tends to offer a stronger and more sedative effect. You should start to notice the effects of most edibles within about 30 minutes to 1 hour, with the “high” peaking after about 90 minutes. The relief should stay with you anywhere from 2-4 hours or longer depending on the potency of the edible and the ailment being treated.