Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate

Speak with estate agents in your area. Ask if they deal with a lot of investors, ask their opinion on the price an investor might pay for your property. Always speak to more than one to make sure you’re getting the truth!

You can try marketing your property yourself – newspapers, leaflets and flyers, online with gumtree, zoopla or rightmove, only do this if you don’t mind a lot of hard work and a lot of people wasting your time.

Look for local property investors in the newspaper, on websites, many use signs or leaflets themselves so ask your friends and neighbours whether they’ve received any information about people looking for properties where you live.


A word of advice – when you’re approaching property buyers yourself, always look for people who are local to your area, local investors have a better feel for the market and so will be able to pay more reasonable prices. If you’re researching companies who offer to buy houses for cash, do your research, see what information they have available to help your decision – the more open and honest they are with information, the more likely they are to deal fairly with you.

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