Important Considerations for Laminate Floor Phoenix Thickness

With regards to durability as well as toughness, laminates can participate with probably the most celebrated natural flooring products. Industry experts recommend laminate flooring to homeowners. Despite being lightweight, quality laminates that are high can be utilized for many years. Most consumers think that thickness will be the primary determinant of the toughness and quality of laminate flooring installation phoenix. Allow us to shed light on this matter according to what experts think.

Is thickness a function of durability?

The thickness of laminate planks is measured in millimeters. The measurement starts from the bottom surface resting on the subfloor and stops at the top edge. Experts on flooring materials believe that the durability of a laminate product isn’t entirely dependent on thickness. The implication is the fact that a thicker product isn’t always much stronger than a laminate product that’s much thinner.

Rather than thickness, consumers must be to the type of laminate. Can it be DPL? or HPL There are basic differences between the 2. HPL stands for High Pressure Laminate consists of a minimum of 5 layers. Meanwhile, Direct Pressure Laminate or dpl has 4 layers only. HPL products are definitely more hardy compared to DPL products not because they’ve more layers. It’s the manufacturing process as well as the quality of the laminate’s center which creates Highly pressured Laminate products stronger compared to Direct Pressure Laminate Products.


What exactly are the benefits of thicker laminates?

You will find a couple of benefits of thicker laminate flooring planks over thinner ones. First, thicker laminates are not as likely to warp and change shape when exposed to water or perhaps extra moisture. Second, thicker laminates with quality fiberboard that is good is able to hold up over time and endure forces that may result in thinner products to give in to wear and tear. A 12 mm thick laminate is the better choice in case the materials used are certified quality that is high. If the quality of embossing is exceptional too, then you definitely get value that is good for the money of yours with thicker laminate planks for the home of yours.

Some other signs of laminate quality

Laminate products are given AC or perhaps Abrasion Class ratings, which were created by the European Producers of Laminate Flooring. Basically, it’s measure of the durability of the laminate flooring material. It’s now the gold standard used in the market worldwide. The AC rating evaluates very specific parameters to be able to find out whether the laminate flooring installation phoenix product is suitable. The rating determines whether the laminate does apply to commercial or residential applications. The item is evaluated in term of resistance to impact, moisture, abrasions, standing liquids, burns, and stains.

There are 5 possible ratings. Laminate products with a rating of AC1 is perfect to be used in bedrooms and closets, while an AC2 rating means the product is better used in dining rooms and living rooms. An AC3 rating is given to products which can withstand heavy use in both residential and commercial settings. In the meantime, AC4 laminate flooring products are perfect for even heavier traffic. The top rating is AC5, which are given to products sturdy enough for major manufacturing environments.