Find a good painter

Let’s face it, before you get any painter and decorator prices you need to find a decent decorator. There’s much to think about and with good reason. You’re not just letting him into your home and trusting him to do a good job for you but you’re paying him good money.

The best situation is recommendation because he has done the job and you can see that, but he has gained trust and honesty whilst doing the job. But if you can’t get a recommended decorator you should pick three out of the newspaper or on the Internet and make sure they are fairly local.


Before asking three decorators to come and quote for the job you want doing, get on the computer and put the decorators name or company name on a Google search and see what comes up. If they have a bad name they may well have some comments on that Google search results. Don’t forget you need to know painter and decorator rates then after you have found out how much do painters charge you can get an interior painting estimate or a quotation.

Now you need to find affordable decorators of course but before your decorators come to quote you for your job sit down and think what you are going to say to them and what you want them to do and how much do painters charge. Have a look round and see if there’s any particular damage that needs looking at, also what colours you want on the walls and finish on the woodwork. So write down all you can think of so you can have your decorating done as you want it, and find out how to get interior painting estimate or a quotation.

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