Commercial refrigeration equipment buying guide

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All the Refrigeration Equipment and resources you will ever need in the one place. Whether you are looking to cool products at home or the office then look no further then these popular and well respected refrigeration brands. From the domestic to commercial refrigeration needs you will find what you need. Trust us – you need look no further!


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology

This book is great for use as a text book for those who are interested in getting trained in refrigeration and air conditioning technology. It offer pretty much everything a person would need to gain a better knowledge of the components that are involved in the HVAC industry. It is quite informative and the illustration in it help to give a person a better understanding of what this type of technology is all about. This can be a very good book for students who need a little extra material to help them get through their HVAC classes.

Industrial Refrigeration Handbook

This book gathers its information from a variety of professionals with the knowledge and experience needed to cover all the fundamentals, different designs, installation and the operation of all industrial refrigeration systems. This handbook looks at multistage systems, condensers, pipes, vessels, valves, refrigerants, recirculation of liquids, load calculations, safety procedures and more. This a must have for all those who are practitioners out in the field.


Resource: Commercial refrigeration equipment buying guide