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Do I have a solid amount of traffic? If yes, then go to the next step. If no, then work on getting your message in front of at least 50-100 quality prospects a day.

Do I convert the traffic I get into leads, sales, or clicks? If yes, then you’re at a level that most will never reach. But you can do better. Create another quality back-end product. Make your lead product better. Increase the amount of quality prospects you get in front of, or the percentage in which you convert them into leads.


If no, then work on your salespersonship. Work on your copywriting. Work on converting more browsers into buyers. Take a look at the way in which prospects come to know about you. How do they perceive you before they get to your message. For instance, if they found you through a referral, then the chances of them buying is higher because of the power of the “message before the message”.

Write this formula down or print it up. When ever you can’t decide what to work on, look at your home business, look at what is keeping you from making the money you want from home. Then work on that with extreme focus. Don’t give up. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t put it off. Don’t get sidetracked. There is nothing more important that you could be working on business-wise that will accelerate your growth any faster.

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