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If separation and divorce ARE inevitable, then there are a number of steps and stages involved, but getting a handle on practical issues that may affect you NOW is very important, as these short-term decisions can have long-term consequences.


Let’s look at these initial steps: –

STEP 1: Start by removing some of the confusion that you’re probably feeling right now. Many husbands try intimidation (standover tactics) as a way of making their spouse feel inferior and vunerable. You can avoid this by getting a handle on the practical issues involved, the options open to you, your own reactions and what your legal rights and entitlements are. Once you have done this, you’ll begin to feel a little bit better.

The cheapest and best way to do this is to get yourself a copy of the womens’ divorce guide,How To Win When Facing Divorce. This is an instant downloadable ebook written by a divorce attorneyBarry Rocheespecially for women. The author is also a consultant expert and writer for Divorce and Women. This ebook touches on the main legal issues associated with divorce and also provides great practical tips on how to deal with issues that you may very well be confronted with right this minute. Another important aspect covered in the ebook is how to avoid the emotional traps that cause so many women to feel like victims when it comes to marital breakup and divorce.

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